My Favorite Drugstore Makeup

For quite some, I thought that I had to use high quality makeup because drugstore stuff was just not as good, didn't wear as long or would cause breakouts. In high school I did find that I was breaking out, but I am not sure if it was just the foundation I was using or maybe my more "mature" skin is handling products better.

After watching reviews and scoping it out at the store, I found a few drugstore products I have been really impressed with, especially for the price! Everything s under $10!

Foundation - Loreal Tru Match Foundation $7.59

NYX Contour Duo  $9

Wet & Wild Highlighter (I'll Have A Cosmo) $5.99
NYC Eyeshadow Palette $6.99

Covergirl LashBlast Super Sizer Fibers Mascara $5.99
Rimmel Born This Way Eyebrow Duo $3.99

Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipstick (Nude Flush) $6.99

What are your favorite drugstore makeup products? Anything I NEED to try?

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  1. Yup drug store make up is the only way to go. Just think how much more you can buy compared to how much you spend on one item at Sephora. I love make up. Lip stick is my biggest down fall. I have a lot. Actually the longest wearing lip stick I have is NYC Expert Last. Really creamy and long wearing.


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