Don't Starve Together

I wanted to share Don't Starve Together today - it is such a fun computer game and I love the graphics.

Don't Starve Together is the new multi-player addition. The game is all about survival. You gather supplies and try to survive the night and darkness. Now you get to play with friends! Honestly, I just started the game and have only been able to survive a few nights, but it is fun. It is challenging, but there are lots of videos out there to help with game play. I am really excited to actually play with someone else and learn more. The game has been compared to Minecraft, but more on just the survival side, rather than the creative side. I haven't played Minecraft so I can't really compare.

The game is actually pretty cheap - you can get both Don't Starve and Don't Stare Together, plus two expansion backs for only $14 on Steam.  If you decide to play, let me know! I would love to play together! My Steam screen name is Missie1457.


  1. Sounds like something I could get sucked into! Hope you find someone to play with!!

  2. Oh this sounds like it might be fun! I'm not a huge gamer, but I'll definitely think about it :)

  3. I had no idea there was now a multi-player version! My boyfriend loves Don't Starve, and while I don't play it I love the graphics and music, it's so atmospheric!

    -Cristina @ Girl in the Pages

  4. This sounds fun! I'll look into it :D If I get it I'll let you know ;)

  5. I love DST :D I've actually just gotten back into it, I've played it every night for the past three days! I first started it in 2014 I think, before they started working on the multiplayer which I was suuuuper excited about! The graphics and music are so whimsical, plus the community and workshop are great. (Mods, all the mods!)


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