Review of Anna Dressed in Blood

Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation: He kills the dead.

So did his father before him, until he was gruesomely murdered by a ghost he sought to kill. Now, armed with his father's mysterious and deadly athame, Cas travels the country with his kitchen-witch mother and their spirit-sniffing cat. They follow legends and local lore, destroy the murderous dead, and keep pesky things like the future and friends at bay.

Searching for a ghost the locals call Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas expects the usual: track, hunt, kill. What he finds instead is a girl entangled in curses and rage, a ghost like he's never faced before. She still wears the dress she wore on the day of her brutal murder in 1958: once white, now stained red and dripping with blood. Since her death, Anna has killed any and every person who has dared to step into the deserted Victorian she used to call home.

Yet she spares Cas's life.

Anna Dressed in Blood has been on my list for longer than I care to admit. I loved the cover, it just never seemed to be on my radar at the right time. I finally decided to pick it up and was pleasantly surprised.

  • The story was new, fresh and I could not compare it to anything I have read before.
  • I enjoyed the characters. I think I loved Cas’s mother and cat the most J Everyone was so eccentric, and I always can relate better to “weird” characters.
  • The rag-tag little team from high school was fun. I loved that no one fit their stereotypical roles perfectly, it was a good way to show that not everyone can easily be put into a box.
  • Anna was totally interesting. I haven’t fully decided if I want to continue with the series, but I would like to learn more about her.
  • I did not need the romance in this book. I could totally understand a sympathy or longing, but actual kissing made no sense to me.
  • I struggled just a bit at the beginning to get into the book, it started so much into the action (which is normally good) that I felt confused, which I don’t love.
  • Like I said above, I am not sure if I want to continue the series. I really have no good reason as to not, it just didn’t pull at me so much that I wanted to put it before other books I am interested in.


  1. You were nicer than me about this one! I was really dissappointed with it actually because it had a lot of good hype on social media but then when i went to read it i found it kind of lacking. it wasn't horrible and i liked the concept, just not my favorite! and YES! the kissing made NO SENSE whatsoever I was so confused! the whole relationship I could have done without or if the author wanted to keep it I thought it needed some work. I really liked Cas, but I don't think I plan on continueing the series either.
    Emily @

  2. I have this one waiting for me to read :D

  3. I read this years ago and it felt more like an 'okay' read for me. It was good (and I completely agree with what you said about the characters) but I just didn't completely feel Cas or Anna. Or maybe like you, I think the romance was a bit unnecessary. I actually read the 2nd book just a couple of weeks ago and it was another 'okay' kind of thing for me. nothing particularly special.. and I honestly thought that it wasn't really necessary.

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  4. Oh gosh, I read this so long ago. But I definitely remembering being surprised by how great it was. I would probably skip the sequel. I liked it but not nearly as much as this one.

  5. Well it certainly sounds different, not sure I would enjoy it though. I have questions, when a human dies it becomes a ghost, so what does a ghost become once it is killed? Worth a read for hopefully the answer, thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  6. This sounds like a great read. Thanks for this review!


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