Hello There!

It has been a long time since I have written anything. I have felt like there was things I wanted to share, times I just wanted to write, times I needed to blog - but then there was that feeling of self-doubt or the realization of just how much time it takes to have a successful blog. I have been back and forth on the whole blog thing. I love having a blog but it does get to be quite the commitment. I also think I hold myself to ridiculous standards, that each of my posts need to draw a certain amount of comments. Or I start to think that my words are unimportant and why would anyone read my blog.

I need to remind myself that my blog is MY blog. It is for me. I love the community, but in the long run, it is a hobby and something I should enjoy. So, I am going to be back. I might not post daily, but I want to be back. I also think I might do some more random posting instead of just focusing on books. My blog name "A Flurry of Ponderings" was created to open up to the act that I could write about my ponderings and, as much as they are about books, there is a lot more going on in my head.

I miss the community most of all. I have met some AMAZING people through my blog and I definitely don't want to lose those connections! I did get to hear from them less and less as I pulled back, and really, that was entirely my fault.

Here's a bit of an update on my life since the last time I posted, if you have been wondering.

I am now 29 weeks pregnant. We are having a little boy and he is growing right on schedule. Pregnancy has been good to me. The first trimester was a little rough, but it has been going well since 13 weeks. I am due June 9th. It will be nice to have part of the summer off, I am looking forward to reading on the deck when the little guy is sleeping (if I am not napping as well).

I have kept up with Bible Journaling too. It has been as often because, honestly, sometime at night I am so tired I just want to veg out and watch TV. It has been fun and Illustrated Faith has partnered with DaySpring to create some amazing boxes with stamps and other sweet supplies!

Other than that, I have been binging a lot of TV. I have been a couch potato a lot since my energy levels have decreased. Here is what I have been watching - let me know what I should add to my list!

House of Cards
Fuller House
Walking Dead
How to Get Away with Murder
Second Chance
The 100
Modern Family

(and now I have realized I watch way too much TV lol!)


  1. Congrats on your new little family! I somehow missed your exciting news, and only recently realized you were expecting (from IG, I think). Happy for you!

    TV Shows: cool line-up. I'm loving Second Chance though don't think it's destined to be renewed. *sad face* Also, Shadowhunters is fun, Blindspot is EPIC (seriously, the genius behind that show is... genius) and loved Blacklist (I watch that one on DVD, so I'm a season behind). Planning to watch The Catch premiere tomorrow (from the same creators as How To Get Away with Murder) and I also really liked War and Peace, the BBC miniseries. Watched some of Quantico too, but was more drawn to Blindspot so I kept up with that one (to a great degree anyway).

    (I'm a TV addict too... sometimes it's "scary." ;D)

    Looking forward to more posts from you, whenever you are inspired to write them. :)

  2. Congrats on your newest little family member! :)

  3. Definitely blog as little or as much as you feel like! Whatever keeps it fun for you. :) I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well!

  4. I have a firm belief in the "it's your blog, do as you want". Don't stress over any of it, if you want to post then post whenever you like <3 Not too much longer until you get to hold your baby boy! :)

  5. Congrats on the pregnancy!!!

    I know just what you mean about blogging. It really is a commitment and there are times I wish I never even started the thing. But there is a lot of pluses too and so I keep going. Also, I agree your blog is your blog! We are all allowed to do our blogs our own way. :)

  6. Congrats on your little one! And like you said, blogging is supposed to be fun and for YOU! Do it on your schedule and what makes you happy! I love your blog, so you definitely shouldn't totally quit :) But totally understandable to have to cut back a bit!

  7. I've been struggling with my own blog/life balance lately so I understand. You may have noticed that I haven't posted in over a month. I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with it, and what place I want it to have in my life. I loved your update, and I look forward to reading your blog no matter how often or what you choose to post :)

  8. SAME with all the blogging doubts/pondering/questions! I'll be happy to read your posts whenever you so choose to post them! :) I'm also happy to hear your pregnancy is going so well!

  9. Well I accidentally sent you a message I didn't mean to. I meant to comment. Blogging definitely has it commitments and I've learned that the hard way--but like you I had to remind myself I wanted to enjoy doing this more than anything else. Welcome back and congrats on the baby!

  10. HI MISSIE! welcome back I am SO glad to hear you are doing well! we missed you! i've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers a lot lately and i am so glad to hear you and the baby are doing good! Your post today made me think of something my boss always says at work. Her catchphrase is "you do you" and i couldn't agree more! i've been really burnt out this semester trying to pick up extra hours at work and keeping up with my schoolwork and editing internship so I seriously considered taking some time away from blogging because it was stressing me out. and i always think the same thing as you mentioned, that i don't get enough comments or who cares about my reviews?
    but at the end of the day it's one of the only hobbies i have that i TRULY enjoy and love and the book community is so great! without my blog I wouldn't be as happy or have a creative outlet. So blogging should be fun not a job! and i'm excited to see some different posts from you! can't wait!
    How are you liking Shadowhunters? it's a bit cheesy I think but i still love it! i'm a huge Cassandra Clare fan though!
    Emily @ www.rabbitholereviews.com

    1. I totally agree that Shadowhunters is a bit cheesy, but sometimes it is nice to have a light show to watch after a long day!

  11. Do you love How to Get Away With Murder? I adore that show, it is SO twisty! I recently binged the second season of Daredevil which (at least, I don't think) isn't your typical superhero story. Such a good series that one (I both love and hate that Netflix dump it all on us at once lol)

    Glad to hear that you are doing well :) you shouldn't pressure yourself over blogging (though I know we all do it!) hobbies are meant to be fun after all. And blogging about things other than books is always interesting, I think. I love reading book bloggers posts about other things in their lives.

    1. I love How to Get Away with Murder! I am sad we are going to have to wait for another season - I want more now. I just started The Catch last night and I hope that it is good, started out interesting!

  12. Looking great mama!
    I agree that blogging is a major commitment and keeping the motivation going it really hard. But I'm happy to see you back! And I'll read whenever you post. :)


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