The Ultimate Book Blogger Scavenger Hunt featuring From the Page

The Ultimate Book Blogger Scavenger Hunt Giveaway 

Each blogger in the lineup has a post set up for the event. Their post will include a keyword that is highlighted in the bulk of the post. So keep your eyes open for that highlighted word! That keyword will be your entry for the giveaway! At the end of each post, there will be a list of the other bloggers that are participating and you can just follow the links to enter some of their giveaways as well! All giveaways end on January 31st, 2016, so you better get on it!

Today I have the great honor of introducing you to Callie from the Etsy store From the Page! I have gotten a few bookish candles from Callie and I love them. I was introduced to her work through one of my first Owlcrate boxes! Let's get to know Callie better!

Callie, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do (if you Etsy store is a side job), what are your hobbies?
Hello! My name is Callie and I live on Long Island, NY.  I'm fortunate enough that my Etsy shop is now my full time job so my days now consist of lots of candle making, with bits of Netflix and dog cuddles in between! (My dog is very needy for attention). When I have off time, I (probably obviously) love to read, and draw! 

How did you get into making candles? What scent was your first ever candle?

I saw a DIY soy candle tutorial online a few years ago and wanted to try it out! Our house is always filled with candles so I thought it'd be fun to make them on my own. When I was making them I had a vague idea that I wanted to make them book related, so my first scent was Bertie Bott's--a sugary, jellybean scent!

What is your favorite part of the candle making process? How did you get into selling them on Etsy?

My favorite part of the process is snipping the wicks! It sounds silly, but that means that the candle is cooled and ready to be labeled! Once I started making the candles, I pretty immediately wanted to do something with them. I worked at a coffee shop at the time, and they were nice enough to let me sell some there. Once I heard feedback and gained more confidence, I decided to put them on Etsy! I hoped there would be readers out there who would love them! (Phew, I was right.)

What is your favorite book (or books – I know sometimes it is hard to pick!)
How long do you have? Hm... My favorite stand alone books are "The Book Thief" and "I'll Give You The Sun." (And "Never Let Me Go" and "Me Before You" there pattern here? Do I like to cry?) For series, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings will always hold my heart! 

Can you give us any hints on new scents / books we can expect to see in 2016?

This year I want to incorporate some more classics, definitely. I also started doing a "candle of the month" so I can have a bunch of new options without getting overwhelmed-- so you can expect to see some scents for newer books/series like The Raven Boys and The Lunar Chronicles! 

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  1. Thank you for participating Missie! I love all the bookmarks from this shop and literally just spent 10 minutes scrolling through and deciding which ones I wanted. I've never actually had a bookish candle which makes me feel like I really need to get some! Happy giveaway and thanks so much for participating. I can't explain enough how happy I am of the success so far. :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

  2. I always wanted a bookish candle! What an amazing giveaway!

  3. Oh I love candles, and this shop is on my favorites, will definitely order in near future!!

  4. Oh those candles all sound amazing, I have added the store to my bookmarks for future reference :D Wonderful interview Missie, it was a great read!

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  6. Awesome Candles and Giveaway!!! Glad you were able to participate!!
    Tori @InToriLex

  7. I <3 all things Alice in Wonderland, soooo I pick A Mad Tea Party! :D I'm going to have to bookmark the etsy page and buy several. I already know I need some.

  8. A lot of fantastically named candles! 221B Street, Narnia Forest and As You Wish are topping my list!

  9. I've seen some bookstagrammers on instagram mention her candles or show them in their blog posts! I love the idea of a Shadowhunters candle, and the 221B and Narnia Forest ones! Definitely bookmarked a few for future reference.


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