My Daily Posh Pamering Routine

I have been using Perfectly Posh since I became a consultant in July of 2015. I am absolutely in love with the company! The products are all based on natural, good for you ingredients and some contain essentials oils! These are the six I use daily and they are a great place to start, if you are unsure of what products to get out of the awesome catalog!

My Daily Six: 

No matter where life takes you, make sure you take along soft, beautiful hands. Lil Snarky is the perfect size for lovely hands on the go. Vitamin-rich apricot kernel oil gives you a big, juicy dose of hydration without an annoying, greasy residue. Imagine: pure moisture with the scent of exotic flowers, sandalwood, and a serious attitude! $9

Natural and gentle daily face wash for a perfect complexion. Free of dyes and fragranced only with deep-cleansing peppermint essential oil. Gently massages with finely ground Persian walnut shells. $14

Tired skin? Quick, call Moisturize 911! Wake that complexion up with a blast of natural glycerin moisture and a caffeine kick that tightens and brightens. Apply as often as needed for skin that is awake and absolutely radiant! $16

Charcoal D•Tox: Clean that doesn’t discriminate. The Gender Bender invites all to wash, get clean, and be Posh. Activated charcoal powder, silt, and carbon absorb over 1000 times their weight in offensive pollution and free radicals. Then natural shea butter calms, soothes, and enriches skin. Tie that all together with a clean, crisp fragrance and you get the perfect clean that anyone can enjoy. $9

Hydrate from head to toe with natural coconut oil, rosemary extract, and marshmallow root extract. Perfect for moisturizing hair and skin with a kiss of sweet Poshymallow scent. Life is a joy. Cover yourself in it! $15

A dark pink lip gloss that will have you cheering. The scent of rich, ripe, raspberries is sure to attract the right kind of attention, and you won’t be wishin’ you were kissin’ for long! $8

These are just a few of my favorites! Make sure to check out the whole catalog, there are AMAZING products, and Posh makes sure to list every ingredient so you know you are using products you can trust! Everything is under $25 and shipping is only $5! Plus, it is always buy 5, get the 6th free!

Interested in joining my team? Perfectly Posh is an awesome sisterhood. The starter kit is only $99 and comes with over $200 in product and $100 in business tools. We get weekly commission deposits, Facebook groups for support and images to use to promote your business, free products and fun rewards! I absoutely love the company and the products sell themselves! If you join in January, you also get a FREE Sweatshirt and New Years Cheer's Sparkling Bubble Bath! Find out more and join my team today!

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