Review of The Fill-in Boyfriend

When Gia Montgomery's boyfriend, Bradley, dumps her in the parking lot of her high school prom, she has to think fast. After all, she'd been telling her friends about him for months now. This was supposed to be the night she proved he existed. So when she sees a cute guy waiting to pick up his sister, she enlists his help. The task is simple: be her fill-in boyfriend—two hours, zero commitment, a few white lies. After that, she can win back the real Bradley.

The problem is that days after prom, it's not the real Bradley she's thinking about, but the stand-in. The one whose name she doesn't even know. But tracking him down doesn't mean they're done faking a relationship. Gia owes him a favor and his sister intends to see that he collects: his ex-girlfriend's graduation party—three hours, zero commitment, a few white lies.

Just when Gia begins to wonder if she could turn her fake boyfriend into a real one, Bradley comes waltzing back into her life, exposing her lie, and threatening to destroy her friendships and her new-found relationship.

  •  The story was an easy-going read, perfect for summer. It was a cute little contemporary that didn't take a lot of brain power to read. I love books like that for the boat or times when I read and can be slightly distracted. 
  • I love when the unexpected works out, the meet-cute is life changing or you finally see someone in a different light. I think this book did a great job of showing that you can't judge a book by it's cover.
  • Gia was an interesting MC, not my favorite, but she definitely was realistic. There was times where I wanted to strangle her and times I could relate. 
  • Gia's brother makes a documentary and it ends up featuring Gia. It really was the kicker for me, how easily it is to be absorbed by social media and other's thoughts about us. I really like that part of the story. 

  • There was not much depth to the story. Like I said, it is ok to have an easy-going story, but this one felt a little light on plot. This one was probably my least favorite of the the Kasie West books I have read so far.

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  1. Hmm... I haven’t read any of Kasie West’s books yet, so maybe this one would be a good one to start with? that way the really good one doesn’t make this one too much of a disappointment in comparison. I do have this one on my kindle, so I should get to it soon :) Great review! This sounds like a pretty cute light read :D

  2. I've heard pretty good things about this one, and since I haven't read anything by Kasie West yet, I thought I'd give it a try. Have you read On The Fence? I'm trying to figure out which book of hers I should start with!

  3. REALLY want to read this one. It sounds cute, and despite a lack of depth, I do like an easy-to-read novel. Especially nowadays during summer. :)

  4. Sorry this one wasn't great for you. I haven't read this one, but like you, I've really enjoyed her other books. Now I'll know what to expect when picking this one up.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  5. i'm currently reading this book today! i love west's writing, but i agree wholeheartedly. this is my least favorite of her books thus far. which is dissapointing becaues i've heard alot of hype about this one. great review!

  6. :(
    At least you gave it 3*. Lol!
    Happy reading!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life


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