Review of Everything That Makes You

One girl. Two stories. Meet Fiona Doyle. The thick ridges of scar tissue on her face are from an accident twelve years ago. Fiona has notebooks full of songs she’s written about her frustrations, her dreams, and about her massive crush on beautiful uber-jock Trent McKinnon. If she can’t even find the courage to look Trent straight in his beautiful blue eyes, she sure isn’t brave enough to play or sing any of her songs in public. But something’s changing in Fiona. She can’t be defined by her scars anymore.

And what if there hadn’t been an accident? Meet Fi Doyle. Fi is the top-rated female high school lacrosse player in the state, heading straight to Northwestern on a full ride. She’s got more important things to deal with than her best friend Trent McKinnon, who’s been different ever since the kiss. When her luck goes south, even lacrosse can’t define her anymore. When you’ve always been the best at something, one dumb move can screw everything up. Can Fi fight back?

Hasn’t everyone wondered what if? In this daring debut novel, Moriah McStay gives us the rare opportunity to see what might have happened if things were different. Maybe luck determines our paths. But maybe it’s who we are that determines our luck.

Everything That Makes You has been on my Waiting on Wednesday list and then I received it in my April OwlCrate, so it felt like the book and I were fated together. I enjoyed Everything That Makes You, especially reading it on a hot day while watching my husband fish.

  • I think that everyone has had multiple "what if" moments. We all wonder what it would be like if major events in our lives went a different way. What would happen if I moved to town B instead of town A after college, what if I married this person instead of that, what if I took this job instead of that. It is such a relate-able topic that I am sure everyone can be drawn easily be drawn to the story.
  • Our MC - Fiona 1, was injured in an accident when she was younger. That accident has changed her outlook on life and the perception of the people around her. She was not able to do a lot of physical activity so she developed her creative side. The second Fiona, Fi, did not get into the accident and has lived life completely differently.
  • It was fun to see how Fiona choose to tackle life, she was fairly good with the fact that she couldn't really change her past and did not walk around with a whole lot of self-pity. She did internalize her issues or choose to write them out as songs. I also thought she surrounded herself with people who really loved her.
  • I liked Fiona's family a lot. Her brother was awesome and they were close, for the most part. I also really like her mom, even though she was overbearing. She cared a lot and just wanted Fiona to be happy. A lot of YA books lack that parental figure so I always point it out when it comes about.
  • I definitely liked Fiona's story over Fi's POV. I didn't connect really well with either, but if I had to choose, I would say that Fiona's part of the book resonated with me.
  • I like that Fiona was Finona no matter what happened as a child. Her personality was a little different, her hobbies a little different, but to her core, she was still Fiona. People have tough times, struggles and think that life is harder for them than the next person, but in truth, everyone struggles and each time we fall, we change and grow. But within the changes, the struggles, the trials of life, we are still us in the core.

  • The story was a bit meh. Sometimes contemporaries fall short for me because I am looking for that adventure, that epic point that draws you in and won't let you go. There is a story to be told here and I just couldn't fully relate to it. I definitely think I was more with Marcus and Jackson in the story than Fiona. I loved the side characters enough that if the book was about Jackson and Marcus and Fiona was a side character, I think I would have rated it 5 stars.

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  1. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed when I saw this one in my OwlCrate. I was hoping for something a little more epic. I don't think I'm going to like it. But we'll see when I get to it.
    I agree, I do like the "what if" story lines too. I've had a few life altering moments and I always wonder what would be different if that hadn't happened.
    Happy reading!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life

  2. After reading your review, I'm not sure if I want to read this book or not. It definitely doesn't sound like this book is going to be what I initially thought it was going to be like.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books


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