Review of the Natural Reader App

I always love when I find new (or at least new –to-me) apps and websites. Today I want to tell you about Natural Reader. I love audiobooks and listen to them a lot while I am driving or even at work, but sometimes it is so hard to find a copy of the audiobook I want to listen to. The library has quite a few, but not enough and I am picky about the ones I want to listen to, so I went on a hunt to find an app that would turn an e-book into an audiobook. Low and behold, after a bit of searching, I found Natural Reader.

Natural Reader is a text-to-speech app that coverts quite a few types of files, including PDF, mobi and epub into spoken words. All you do is upload the e-book you want the computer to read into the program and it will start reading it for you. It also states that it is an efficient proofreading tool that can pick out mistakes in your work and give you a flow of how the text would flow naturally. It also suggests that the app is great for people with learning disabilities, like dyslexia. I would even think it could help someone learning English as a second language.

  • You can upload documents you want the program to read directly out of your Dropbox , or you can copy/paste or use the built in browser for websites.
  • There are 4 different voices to choose from
  • You tap the sentence and the computer starts reading for you. It also scrolls up on the page as it is reading so you can follow along, if you would like.

  • The voices are definitely computer voices, so you don’t get the charm of a person reading an audiobook. The book is monotone and lacking the emotion that human readers put into a story. The computer also had through with some of the words and names in books.
  • Whenever I got to the end of a chapter, I had to manually force it to go to the next chapter by pulling down on the screen. It was ok sometimes, like when I wanted to end at the end of a chapter so I could pick up the hard copy, but it was annoying when I wanted to listen for a longer time.

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I'd love to hear what you thought of the book or others you think I will like! Please share your thoughts! Thank you for the thought, but I am not participating in awards.