Review of The Little Boy (Girl) Who Lost His Name

I spent time with my nephews and got to read a LOT of children's books. There was a lot of fun new-to-me books since I don't get to read a lot of children's books unless I am visiting my nieces or nephews.

One of the neatest books I found was a book that was made by I loved the graphics and the story was a fun adventure. The graphics reminded me a bit of a fun mix of Coraline and Pixar. They were really well done and did not look generic. The story starts with a boy (or girl) who woke up in the morning and could not remember his name because the decal on the wall was gone! The boy now has to go on an adventure to find this name, even if it was going to be dangerous!

The boy sets out and meets some interesting characters that help him discover the letters in his name.

I loved the way the story flowed all over the page and made it neat to read as well as for the kid to look at while it was reading.

The books start the same way, but the story has different adventures for each letter or repeating letter. It makes it fun to get a book for siblings because it will be a little different.

The book is also 100% independent, self-published and self-funded which is really neat. It is almost like "buying local" as much as you can call in the internet local! The book is $29.99, which is a bit spendy, but I totally think it is worth it for the fun quality of the book. I am planning on getting some for presents, I am hoping they will be timeless gifts that will be kept for a long time!

Check the books out at! They also have Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Aww your nephews are so cute! But I do know how it is. I have read a lot of illustrated books with my little niece too. I enjoy them too. That book looks really nice and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Great review :)

  2. This is so incredibly cute! And your nephews are just so adorable!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! Your nephews are super cute!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! Your nephews are super cute!


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