Top Ten Tuesday with Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

Today's Top Ten Tuesday theme was likes and gripes for romance in books. I learned a lot about how people feel about romance and how often I view the opposite of so many readers. Here are my likes and gripes, what are yours?

Slow burn romance (Eleanor & Park)

Sexual tension (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown)

Opposites Attracting (Attachments)

When the “Good Guy” gets the girl (Shadow and Bone series)

A real relationship with ups and downs, happiness and fights ( If I Stay series)

Insta-love (Defy by Sara B Larson)

The “Bad Boy” always getting the girl (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare) 

Perfect romance and a perfect relationship (Something Real by Heather Demetrios)

A weak romance that seems thrown in to appease a publisher (Young Elites by Marie Lu)

Love triangles that are not necessary (The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutoski)


  1. oh you have some good ones. Sexual tension is so much fun. I like the slow burns too.
    Insta love doesn't always bother me. it depends on the book and how its done. sometimes there is an underlying reason for insta love and it if it seems to flow I am good with it. great list

  2. Yes to slow burn relationships! There are very, very few insta-love relationships I can take. And I agree, love triangles and afterthought romances, for their own sake, don't generally work well. Great list!

  3. Insta-love is definitely a no no. It happens WAY too much!
    I know you haven't read a lot of NA, but the those books can pile on the cliches. Like every single cliche can happen in 300 pages. Ugh.
    Happy reading!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life

  4. My biggest love story gripe is like everyone else insta-love... so unrealistic. My favorite love story ever is the one that gets used over and over and over in many books but is most famous in Pride and Prejudice the hate/loath/findannoying relationship turning into love of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett which also is like Hermione and Ron and Anna and Kristoff....

  5. Slow burn romances are the best! And love it when the good guy gets the girl :)

    Insta-love!! When will it disappear?

    Great top ten!

  6. OOooooo I didn't know Coldest Girl of Coldtown had sexual tension, that really makes me want to read it because I haven't read many of those lately :D

  7. I am SO with you on liking the good guy and NOT the bad boy! And of course slow-burn romances are the best! I actually don't hate the love triangle in The Winner's Curse... She isn't being indecisive about the two of them and it also feels a lot more realistic than most. I actually liked Ronan more than Arin, though I understand why she felt the way she did.

  8. I like how you set this TTT up, Missie! Giving us examples for certain likes/gripes via a book. I agree about insta-love and If I Stay is a good one to have on the list for a depiction of a real relationship. :)

  9. Nice post!!!! I absolutely loved E+P & Attachments, and for the reasons you picked.

    Yes -- I agree about City of Bones. Ugh, I didn't get Jace's appeal at all! I do like a well-developed bad boy, but often that's just not in this case. Usually, the girl is pining over a jerk who is mean and won't treat her right.

  10. Love this list and your examples!!!! I changed mine up a bit check it out :)

  11. I agree with the insta love and love triangles, they're really unnecessary most of the time. Great post!

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  12. Love that P.S I love you gif--nice touch to the post! :) Yes, yes yes to all your likes! I to love when a relationship has the ups and down. It's realistic. I also really love the slow building romances. They always seem to be the ones that are most authentic and stick with me a long time after reading the book. Which of course means I am not a fan of those insta love romances either! Great post! :)

  13. Ah no, I really liked the romance in The Winner's Curse...though I guess it didn't feel like a love triangle to me, haha. Agree about the insta-love and the bad boys getting the girl. Attachments was so cuute!
    Great list (:


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