Review of Stone Cove Island

The Stepford Wives meets Stephen King in this debut mystery: a sleepy New England beach town is wrecked by a hurricane that reveals an unthinkable 30-year-old secret.

When a catastrophic hurricane devastates Stone Cove Island, a serene New England resort community, everyone pulls together to rebuild. Seventeen-year-old Eliza Elliot volunteers to clean out the island’s iconic lighthouse and stumbles upon a secret in the wreckage: a handwritten, anonymous confession to a thirty-year-old crime.

Bess Linsky’s unsolved murder has long haunted the island, and the letter turns the town inside out. Everyone who knew Bess is suddenly a suspect. Soon Eliza finds herself in the throes of an investigation she never wanted or asked for. As Stone Cove Island fights to recover from disaster, Eliza plunges the locals back into a nightmare they believed was long buried.

I loved the setting. I think it would be so neat to live on a island and have to take the ferry to get to a bigger town. I bet that it would be so peaceful and an amazing place to sit down and read.
Eliza was a great MC. I thought she was really strong for her age, especially having to deal with her mother's depression and anxiety.
The whole story that starts at the beginning where a girl goes missing and they only found some of her hair was really interesting. The mystery of the story really kept me intrigued.

There was so much of the story building up to solving the mystery that once you got to the end of the book it was all rushed and not really flushed out.
There is a group of people on the island that do not seem to really get what they deserve and us as a reader are left to wonder what really happened to that group of people (trying not give anything away)
The story was good but it just wasn't super "fleshy." I would have liked a bit more world-building and maybe some flash backs to the past to really fill in the holes.


  1. I love when a book takes place in a sleepy sea side town. Totally my ideal setting.
    Happy reading!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life

  2. This sounds like a really interesting premise, but I hate when a story ends too abruptly! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

  3. I really enjoyed this book. I believe I gave it 4 hearts, but you are right about the wrap up. It was fast and rushed. I felt it was sort of a cop out on the mystery, just a little bit. i wanted it to be more sinister than it was.. but I still loved the ending to because it had a lot of feels for the main character and I got just tad emotional.


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