Reading Challenge - Around the World Reading Challenge

I am going to participate in the 2015 Around the World Challenge! I am excited about this one because one of the bjoys of reading is that it can transport you to a different place without actually traveling. I love to travel, but for the last few years, it has not worked out, so travel in books is a joy for me. 

There is a new map embeded into my blog footer that shows where I have traveled through books! Have any favorites that would help me add places to my map? There are even some mini-challenges to help diversify the books you read in 2015!

The mini-challenges:
These mini-challenges are optional! The main goal is just to have a map full of dots that are hopefully spread all over the world. Some of these mini-challenges are rather easy, others not so much. For some you can set your own goal of books you want to read.
  • Read one book for each continent
  • Read one book for each state in the US
  • Read one book for each ocean (the character travels across the ocean, no matter how)
  • The mountaineering challenge: climb the Seven Summits
  • Three Poles Challenge: visit North Pole, South Pole and Mount Everest
  • Visit a certain number of extreme points of Earth
  • Read a certain number of books set in capital cities 
  • Read a certain number of books set in at least 5 different places (e.g. road trip books)
  • Read a certain number of books that are set in two places from different continents
  • Read a certain number of books within a 100km/1.5 Mile radius of where you live
  • Visit a certain number of the most famous landmarks in the world
  • A to Z challenge: Find a place for each letter in the alphabet
  • Visit a certain number of countries.
  • Read books from authors from a certain number of different countries.
  • Read a certain number of books set in places you’ve visited yourself.
The 2015 Around The World Reading Challenge is hosted by All About Books. Head over and sign up! It will be fun to keep up with each other on our progress.


  1. Oh that's so cool! That's a really original reading challenge. I know books have taken me to lots of places.

  2. This is really cool, I might give it a try!

  3. I'm participating in this challenge too! It's a lot of fun so far! I hope we both get to travel to some awesome locations this year! ;)

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  4. Ohh, that icon is so pretty! Good luck on this challenge! :)

  5. Ooh that seems very fun! It would be interesting to map out all the places I've bee through books.

  6. Woha this seems really cool! If I didn't read that much fantasy novels I'd certainly join. But I think that my 4-5 books with realistic setting would do much here. Good luck, though :)

  7. I started a 50 state challenge in 2013. It was fun, and I read a lot of good books I might not have picked up if I wasn't looking for a book in x state. I don't think I finished it because I started blogging and got away from that, but I'd like to go back and finish up sometime. I know I was already listing books to read in different countries for when I finished the states.

  8. I've seen challenges for all 50 states, but never one for the world! I love the idea of this! Hope you get to visit loads of places this year, Missie!

    Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages


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