Random Thoughts - Why I Blog About Books

I was listening to Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer the other day when I came upon the quote above. It stopped me in my tracks and I completely thought it totally embodied why I blog about books. I know to outsiders it seems like an odd choice for a blog topic, and I didn’t even know the whole book blogging world even existed until I started to search it out myself.

I blog because there is so much more than words on a page. A book is like a piece of art that everyone can view differently and have their own reaction to. Each book blogger can read the exact same book and have hundreds of completely different views on that single topic. I may relate to the main character because I feel like she is like me, where as someone else may relate to the relationship the character has with their parents because it relates to their relationship with their parents.

I love to see how different people relate to characters themselves and what they take from a strong female heroine. I normally relate better to a heroine who is inertly flawed in some way, that even though they possess so much ability to rise up and take a stand, they still doubt themselves and their abilities. This really comes into play with heroines like Katniss from The Hunger Games and Celaena from Throne of Glass. I love their strong, feisty edge, but the soft-heartedness and self-doubt really make them a relatable character to me. I know that other readers see them both as so strong and that is why they enjoy the character. I really find comfort in a character that has depth and is fully developed.

I also love seeing how relationships appeal to individuals. I tend to go always with the good guy because I have dating the bad guy and know that the good guy gets the shaft, but they are the men that you should marry and end up with. They are the ones who make the best husbands and fathers. I also think that 90% of the girls take these guys for granted. The grass is definitely not always greener on the other side.

Books make you think, make you feel. I love Harry Potter because of the magic and adventure, but also the loyal friendships and quest for love. It feels like an old friend when I read it. Still Alice was heart breaking and so hard to read, but it told the truth about Alzheimer’s. Station Eleven made you think about how you would react in the middle of an epidemic and who you would call, save or be with during the end times.

Sometimes the writing is just so amazing that you start to see the world differently. Or quotes stick to your insides and come to mind randomly during the day. I just love how books take you to places you would never imagine and bring you deep inside some else's conscience, allowing you to walk a mile in their shoes.

I am sad when people don’t read. I have been brought up in a family of readers and have quite a few friends who read as well. You share something special when you share the love of a book. I feel so connected to book bloggers that I have never met in person because we know that secret magic a book can possess.



  1. I totally agree with everything you've said here. And I'm with you on being sad when people don't read. I saw a statistic recently that says most people don't pick up another book after high school. Um... what?! That doesn't even compute for me! Great post!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  2. I love the way you think about books. Like they're a work of art, which they are. Just thinking about how difficult it actually is to build a character so deep, or write a book for more than entertainment, but for a new perception, it makes me envy these amazing writers. But I should just appreciate these wonderful pieces of art and keep making opinions and keep reading.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. I also am sad when I hear about people who don't read. It's one reason I'm a school librarian, and want to be at middle school so I can help encourage what little interest some may still have. I blog about books because I love to talk about books. And while I have a few people in my real life that I can talk to about books, it is rare to find people who love books and love to talk about them as much as I do, and I'm so glad I found the book blogging community because of that. Great post!

  4. When I first started book blogging, I did it to throw my opinion out there about books. But as the years have gone by and I've met so many interesting people through blogging and vlogging, I definitely think it's become more about just sharing what I think about a book and then seeing all the differing views other readers had. It makes the reading experience so much more fun and enriching. Awesome post topic!

  5. I love this post. It also makes me really sad when people don't read. Books are the reason I am who I am. I found myself in books. I feel lucky to have been raised in a family of readers, too. I'm so glad I joined the blogging community because I am finally able to share my love of books with people who understand it. Great post!
    Stefani @ Caught Read Handed

  6. Love your post!! I originally started blogging because so many people were asking me for book recommendations and suggested I should write a book review blog. So I thought, why not? Now it's so much more--promoting the love of reading and the written word, connecting with other readers, and of course having fun discovering new books!

  7. Great post. I'm always sad to find out that people don't read too. I have a few family members that don't and I just don't get it.

  8. Beautifully said, and I whole heartedly agree with all of it! It really does break my heart when people don't read - tear drops.

  9. So well said, and I completely agree with you. I love characters that have some flaws, and quirks - I find them so much more interesting to read about, and they're the ones I relate to most. It's very sad that more people don't read, I feel they're missing out on so much! Maybe someday it'll change... well, I can always hope! =)

    Alma @ Journey Through Fiction

  10. Wonderful points! :D I really like book blogging because it's allowed me to meet so many really awesome people, and to discover new books to read. ^_^


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