Week Recap - A Little Harry Potter and Christmas Spirit

So, you may have noticed, but my progress on NaNoWriMo this year was stunted, I got to about the halfway point and then just lost interest. No good, I will try again next year, it just wasn't in me this year. The good thing is now I have more time to dedicate to the blog and reading again. I still have been in a bit of a book slump, so I started Harry Potter again. I love re-reading the series around Christmas. I would have to guess that this is at least my 5th time through the series. I seriously love the HP series!

I also go my Christmas tree and decorations set up, I love Christmas time. I cannot believe how quickly this year has went. It is only a week until my blog's first birthday - that is crazy! Keep checking back on the blog because I will have a Blog Birthday giveaway coming soon!

This Week I Read:



  1. Oh my gosh now I wanna reread the Harry Potter series! I need to do that some day soon *nods*

  2. Sorry that your NaNo didn't go the way you were hoping. I just barely got my 50k words - sometimes things don't work out the way you were hoping - hopefully next year will work out better for you!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. Harry is always a great option to get out of a slump. I re-read it yearly. This year is the first year I've tried the audio books and they're fantastic. I'm almost done HBP.
    Happy reading!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life

  4. I've started my HP reread as well! I'm through book one, and I can't decide when I'll start book two. What will probably end up happening is a binge of books 2-7 on my Christmas week off!

  5. Christmas is a great time for a Harry re-read! I re-read the first two a few months ago but then got distracted by other things (including re-reading Outlander...) -- I'll get back to it eventually :)


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