Waiting on Wednesday with The Remnants

The Nazis have won WWII (or as it is now known, The Greatest War) almost 70 years ago. Having established an Elite class of descendants of former leaders during WWII, Stella Goering, great-granddaughter of Hitler's right-hand man, Hermann Goering, enjoys a privileged life in the capital of city of New Berlin (formerly New York City). There, citizens of the Reich live happily without the burdens of the racially inferior who have since become extinct.

As a daughter of the Elite, Stella has attained celebrity status. But she finds the bright lights and magazine write ups a constant distraction from her self-imposed destiny of serving the Reich as a doctor. She even finds the yearly ritual of all citizens testing their blood for purity more of a nuisance than a patriotic gesture. And as a daughter of the Elite, she must have it done publicly, in front of all of Germania. But this year, Stella's tests are showing something she never expected: her genes link her to a race she thought was long extinct: the Jews.

Convinced this is a plot from the Japanese to destroy the Reich's confidence in its leaders, Stella relies blindly on the Elite to protect her until the situation can be proved a conspiracy; otherwise she will be punished by death. After all, the Reich has always protected her. But Stella quickly learns that what's true and false in the Reich isn't so black and white and that those she's always trusted don't always have her best interest at heart…

I love books in this era and cannot wait to get this one in my hands. It is due out November 13, 2014.




  1. Great find! I will be adding this one to my TBR. I hadn't heard of it at all before reading this post!

  2. This sounds really interesting. I hope you enjoy reading it!
    My WoW

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  3. What an intriguing twist on historic moments....sounds ghoulish and engaging. Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “THOSE GIRLS”

  4. Wow, this one sounds really intriguing! Especially as I spend a lot of time in Germany.
    I think a have to keep an eye on this one ;)
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you get to enjoy it


  5. Haven't heard about this one, but it sounds super interesting. I really enjoy different spins on historical events.
    Happy reading!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life

  6. I haven't heard of this one but it seems like a really interesting read. It seems different really. I cannot wait to see what you think about it :)

  7. Seriously, this one sounds so good!!

  8. Oh this is the first time that I've heard of this one. This one sounds so very good. I really think this will be a great one.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  9. I haven't heard this one. It's not my usual type of book, but I do find alternate versions of history fascinating. Plus it sounds pretty good, so I may have to give this one a try.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books
    My WOW

  10. Oh hello, book that is immediately going on my TBR list! What a fascinating synopsis :)

    - Wattle @ Whimsical Nature

  11. Wow! This sounds really good! :D I've always been a bit fascinated with the Holocaust, so this sounds really awesome to me :)

    Tori @ Bookish Affairs


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