Review of Starstruck

A new series set in the golden age of glam . . .

“Wit, pluck, darkness, pitch perfect period details, juicy twists, and big heart. This book is one to savor.”--Anna Godbersen, New York Times bestselling author of the Luxe and Bright Young Things series

Every week they arrive in Los Angeles--beautiful and talented young hopefuls who dream of becoming stars. It's all Margaret Frobisher has ever wanted—and when she's discovered by a powerful agent, she can barely believe her luck. She's more than ready to escape her snobby private school and conservative Pasadena family for a chance to light up the silver screen.

The competition is fierce at Olympus Studios and Margaret—now Margo—is chasing her Hollywood dreams alongside girls like Gabby Preston, who at 16 is already a grizzled show-biz veteran caught between the studio and the ravenous ambition of her ruthless mother, and sultry Amanda Farraday, who seems to have it all--ambition, glamour . . . and dirty secrets. Missing from the pack is Diana Chesterfield, the beautiful actress who mysteriously disappeared, and there are whispers that Diana's boyfriend—Margo's new co-star—may have had something to do with it. Margo quickly learns that fame comes with a price, and that nothing is what it seems.  

Set in Old Hollywood, Starstruck follows the lives of three teen girls as they live, love, and claw their way to the top in a world where being a star is all that matters.

“Valley of the Dolls for a new generation.”—a  ‘Read During Spring Break’ selection

“If you're into T.V. dramas like Smash, or love the over-the-top fashion of The Great Gatsby, Starstruck will have you hooked!”—a  ‘What to Read This Summer’ selection

I have seen the cover of Starstruck around and was interested, but never really thought to grab it at the bookstore or the library. But one lucky day it showed up in my mailbox, along with 10 other amazing books. It felt like Christmas in September!

  • I am in love with the time period in the book. The 1920s has always been my favorite historical period to read about. I love the culture and the style. The Great Depression and Nazi Germany have always been very interesting events in time for me as well.
  • Margo was an interesting main character. She was a debutant with Hollywood dreams and was found one day at a small cafe. I loved her personality, her openness and her fangirling over the actors and actresses.
  • The story was really well done and I enjoyed the pacing. I actually read the whole book during a road trip and it was perfect enough to keep me entertained on the long journey.
  • There is a little bit of everything in the story: romance, betrayal, heartache and adventure.

  • There was a lot of build-up in the book, but it definitely was a set up for another book. There was not a complete plot that would easily wrap this book up with a bow, you definitely need to continue reading to get the whole premise of where the story is going.


  1. A book that takes place in 1920s , okay now I'm curious. Have not read a lot of those. Glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. I don't tend to read a lot of historical fiction / books that take place in the past. The 20s though! *Sigh* LOVE that era. And I love that this doesn't just stick to one 'theme' and fully embraces both adventure and romance. Bonus points!

  3. Oh I love roaring 20's too!! We did much classic stories that are set in that period and it's so easy to fall in love with it. I like the idea of this one and even though it might be out of my comfort zone still I'm willing to give it a try one day. Great review, Missie :)

  4. I almost NEVER read historical fiction. Gah! I really need to change that. I grew up reading HF and when I finished school I kind of just...wandered away to paranormal more. Hehe. This does sound cool! Awesome that it's set in the 20s. :)

  5. I also love this period for books, it's always so interesting to discover a new environment. I didn't know about this book for thanks for your review!

  6. This isn't a time period I'd normally read about, but this sounds like it was really well done. It definitely seems like something I could enjoy reading! Thank you for sharing :)

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds


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