A Non-Bookish Post - Oh My!

I know that 99.999% of my posts are book related, but today I thought I would break from the mold and share something none book related!

I want to share two of my favorite workout apps. I love them so much I want to scream from the mountaintops how much I love these two apps. Working out is sometimes not the funnest thing in the whole world, ok, well most of the time. But these apps really help me get motivated to work out and pass the time quickly.

The first app is Zombies, Run! I have been with the Zombies since season 1 and am in love. The "game"  takes place as you run. Through your headphones you are now Runner 5 and you are on a mission. The game speaks to you and then goes to your playlist on your phone. Then back to the mission after the song has been played. There is a fee for the game, but it is worth every penny. You can build a base with the supplies you collect on your mission. Take a look at the website, you can get a great idea of how it feels running during the mission!