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This was a long week. When I woke up on Tuesday I was sure that it had to be Saturday, but alas, I had to drag myself through the week and finally got to head out to the lake. The weather was amazing, it was a perfect, relaxing way to end the week.

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Tuesday - Top Ten Tuesday with Character I Want to Be Stranded With
Wednesday - Waiting on Wednesday with Sweet Unrest
Friday - Book Blitz with Let's Get Lost & Giveaway
Saturday - Review of #Scandal

Update on My First Week with Young Living:

I have had my Young Living Premium Starter Kit for one week and I cannot believe how much I already have used and love the oils. 

Saturday I opened the kit and immediately started diffusing lemon, peppermint and lavender to help with the bought of  congestion I was feeling, it was so refreshing, not overwhelming and totally helped with my congestion.
Saturday I decided to make some awesome essential oil recipes I found on Pinterest. I made a pain cream and sleepy cream with coconut oil.

Sunday I woke up with a horrible tension headache that dwarfed into a migraine. I luckily made the pain cream the night before, so I slathered that one my neck and shoulders, put some peppermint on my forehead and wrapped my neck in a ice pack. After laying on the couch for around half an hour I was already feeling amazingly better. I was so impressed that I did not have to go to my normal standard of Excedrine Migraine, a Diet Coke  and going straight to bed. 

Also on Sunday, sounds like a really rough day, but I also burned my finger when I was cooking dinner. After an hour of throbbing, it finally dawned on me to see what essential oil I should use to calm the burn. A quick search of Pinterest lead me to Lavender. I put a dab on my finger and the pain was immediately gone. I was completely in awe of how quickly and well the lavender worked!

Monday night I played a lot of volleyball, 9 games and I have struggled with Achilles tendinitis for quite a while. I lathered up my calves and Achilles and went to bed without aching legs. 

Tuesday I diffused Peace & Calming while my husband and I were catching up on True Blood. I always have trouble sleeping.

Wednesday I had another tension, neck headache and could not get into my chiropractor until 5pm. I put Valor on my neck and shoulders and it did amazing job easing the tension. I can totally see why Valor is called chiropractor in a bottle! 

Friday night I was at the lake, I always sleep worse in a different bed, so I rubbed Peace & Calming onto the soles of my feet. It only takes 21 minutes for the essential oil to make it through your entire system through the soles of your feet. I slept pretty well until I woke up with another tension headache. I put some more valor on my neck and shoulders, peppermint oil on my forehead and some Peace & Calming on my wrists and fell softly back to sleep. 

Saturday I brought the bug spray I made on Thursday night. It was a super easy mix of peppermint, Purification, water and Epsom salt. I used it all day at the cabin and did not get a single bug bite. Minnesota has been taken over by mosquitoes and horse flies, but they left me alone. The best part was the spray was refreshing, the mint actually made it a bit cooling and it did not stink or fell sticky like normal bug spray. I am blown away.

It has been a complete week since I have used any sleep aids and that is pretty impressive. I was using them almost every day to actually fall asleep and the essential oils have been amazing to help me naturally fall asleep. 

In one week essential oils have changed my life. I am so excited to continue to use the products, change to a more natural lifestyle and find out what other things the oils can do for me!       


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