Week Recap - Starting to Feel Like Summer

This was the longest week ever, I swear it felt like Friday on Wednesday - no good! But we did get to spend the weekend at the lake, get the dock in the water and relish in the calm the lake brings. It was actually so beautiful out yesterday, it was a huge blessing! Sadly the water was freezing and I was in it - but the dock is out!

This Week I Read:

This Week on A Flurry of Ponderings:
Monday - Review of The Lightning Thief
Tuesday - Review of Dorothy Must Die
Thursday - Review of Dreams of Gods and Monsters
Friday - Review of The Geography of You and Me
Saturday - Review of Screaming Divas

Upcoming Reviews:

I also received my #GoVoxBox yesterday! It felt like Christmas, I was so excited to rip the box open and see what is inside!
Tonight I tried out two of the products, the Aqua Bath Soak and the Pedi Rock. Both were amazing products. The Aqua Bath Soak was bath salts that also created a lovely bad of bubbles. The Pedi Rock is a soft foot file that is able to scrub off the worst calluses and works so well and quickly!

Also in the box was a ProFoot Triad Orthotic, Playtex Sports Fresh Balance tampons, Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds, Vitamin Shoppe Full & Fit Shakes and Jaxx Shaker Bottle. I am so excited to try out the rest of the products in the box! Check out my Pinterest Board with all the products!




  1. I love the Go Vox Box you received! I love getting stuff like that in the mail. I wish we had more things like that in the UK. Maybe I have just discovered how to make my millions! :0)

    I am curious to see your review of The Girl with the Blood Red Lips, I saw it somewhere else and it looked interesting...

  2. I have the same same PediRock, but I got mine from Amazon Vine! I really liked it too... It surprised me how soft it was though, I was expecting something more firm, like a stone.

    I'm really curious about GREAT... looking forward to your review of that one. I've been meaning to read it, but haven't had the chance yet!

  3. LOL, I don't go to the spa, but I would probably appreciate a nice hot bath right now. =) Glad you had a great weekend by the lake!

  4. YOu had some great things this week! That's so nice! Happy reading lady!

  5. That photo of the lake is beautiful, Missie! And I really want to read Great, too!

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

  6. The lake may have been cold but it looks peaceful. It was a long weekend here and it was sunny but cool. C'mon May!
    Brittany @ This is the Story of My(Reading) Life

  7. Oooh that box sounds like it is a lot of fun, especially awesome when the products work well! Beautiful lake, I don't think I would have been game enough to swim in it hehe.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence


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