Review of Winter White and The Grass is Always Greener

I netflixed (binge-read) the entire Belle’s series in a couple days. I felt like I was watching a tasty ABC Family series and I just had to know what was going to happen next. This series would actually make an awesome series out there, so I could totally see one of the networks grabbing it up. Since I listened to the books back-to-back, I decided to do reviews for both Winter White and The Grass is Always Greener together. Both books were read by Julia Whelan. Winter White is 9 hours, 35 minutes long. The Grass is Always Greener is 7 hours, 29 minutes long.

Let’s start with Winter White:

Isabelle Scott and Mirabelle Monroe are still reeling from the revelation that they share more than just the roof over their heads. The media has pounced on their story, and while Izzie and Mira have each put on a happy public face, someone is leaking their true feelings to the press. It seems as if the world is watching their every move, but at least the girls have each other.
With cotillion season right around the corner, however, Izzie and Mira have barely had time to process their newfound sisterhood. Mira has dreamed of making her debut in a gorgeous white gown forever--now if only she had an escort... Izzie, meanwhile, is still struggling to find her place in Emerald Cove, which seems ever more impossible with EC mean girls, young and old, trying to keep her down. As cotillion preparations heat up, there are dance steps to learn, manners to perfect... and secret initiations to complete?
It's time for the gowns to go on and the gloves to come off.

  • The most interesting part of this book was seeing what it has to be like for a family in the public eye. Because of Isabelle’s father’s political race, the girls were constantly in the news. It would be awful to have your ever moved photographed and talked about.
  • I think doing a cotillion would be fun and loved hearing about the silly stunts and learning how to be a proper lady was.
  • It was fun seeing the relationship between Izzie and Mira grow as they learned more about each other and became sisters.
  • There was an interesting twist at the end of the story that kept you wanting more.
  • I know it would be so hard to learn to forgive someone who has lied to you,. The progress between Izzie and her dad was really heartwarming.
  • Izzie was a little dramatic a few times in the book. I can understand that teenagers are sometimes irrational (we have all been there) but still. I wanted to strangle her a few times!

Now onto The Grass is Always Greener:
How many secrets can one family keep?

Amid preparations for Emerald Cove's extravagant Founders Day celebration and their own shared sweet sixteen, Isabelle Scott and Mirabelle Monroe are longing to break free from the tight constraints that come with being the daughters of a prominent public figure. When Izzie's estranged aunt, Zoe, breezes into town, the already uneasy family dynamic is turned on its head.

Izzie's finally found her footing in Emerald Cove by leading the Social Butterflies, her school's prestigious club, and she has no interest in getting to know yet another long-lost family member. But Mira, who's on a mission to try new things and make new friends, is drawn to Izzie's artsy aunt. And when Mira meets a handsome, brooding painter, her entire perspective on life begins to shift.

As tensions mount in Emerald Cove, Zoe's laid-back attitude appeals to both girls. But when she offers Izzie the chance of a lifetime, it's time to make a tough decision. What's more important: family or freedom?
  • The story was entertaining and fast-paced. I loved being involved in this girl’s lives and was easily into the story.
  • The boyfriends were so stinking cute, I was a little jealous of how well they treated the girls. Definitely had a little book crush on Izzie’s boy!
  • There is always something desirable about a mean girl put into her place. I loved Savanna’s character and how Izzie really stood up for herself.
  • Izzie really came into her own, grew up and started to take responsibility for herself in this book.
  • I have gone through loss, it is so tough, but the beginning of the book Izzie is out of school for weeks in bed. I just thought that she was once again being so dramatic, it seemed out of character for the strong Izzie we were initially shown.
  • As the final book in the series, it really didn’t wow me. It was interesting, but I was not in love with it as much I enjoyed the first two books.


  1. I'm glad you liked these two overall Missie! I can definitely see how the protagonist being so dramatic in Winter White being so dramatic might lower your enjoyment of the book, but I'm glad everything else was well-done! And even though The Grass is Always Greener wasn't your favorite book in the series, I'm glad it was at the very least still enjoyable for you!

    Thanks for sharing Missie, and, as always, BRILLIANT reviews! <3

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  2. Don't you love it when you binge-read a series! I do! Bummer that the last book didn't WOW you. That's always tough because you expect the last book to blow you away, or at least end on a high. (At least, that's how I feel.)

  3. Oh I almost forgot about this series. I'd actually read the first book and liked the story so I definitely should continue, especially seeing your reviews are favorable.

  4. I didn't know these ones but I love the covers. I'm sorry one wasn't as good as the other but it sounds like a nice series I confess. Thanks for the discovery.

  5. Aiaiaiai! I never knew about this! Why?!? This sounds absolutely friggin' fantastic!

  6. Cool. These sound sweet - and I usually enjoy ABC's programming. :) Plus I like the sound of the male leads treating the girls well. That's a HUGE advantage.


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