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Witness the Birth of Fear.

There has always been something wrong with the sinister and secluded town of Lakefield View. For one, people get murdered on the streets and nobody does anything about it. Even if they hear their screams curse the night skies, the number of saints has diminished. But it isn't the sick and twisted residents of Lakefield View that are the ones who you should avoid... it's the killers, the psychopaths, the witches and the monsters you should watch out for.

Five unsuspecting workers of a picturesque café get the shock of their lives when a family member is killed before their eyes. A chain of events ensue and they are all catapulted down a spiralling road of mystery and magic, each struggling to overcome constant obstacles that threaten their lives and the safety of their families. As the mystery progresses and the secrets get darker, the friends find it harder and harder to keep their heads above water.

The only thing worse than being alone in the dark, is finding out you're not!

The dark creepy synopsis of Remnants of the Damned had me intrigued so I had to pick up this book for the book tour. I am always looking for that book that will creep you out so much you can barely sleep. Although this book didn’t hit the creepiness level I was hoping, it did keep me wondering what was going to happen next.
  • The format of the book was intriguing. The main characters each told their side of the story, all on one day. They all work at a café in a creepy town with a traumatic history.
  • There was this family that wove into the story that was probably my favorite part of the story, sadly they didn’t really get a starting role until the end, but man I could have read a whole story about that family alone. They ate humans, lived without electricity and bathed in the same bathwater for year, crazy town!
  • The women detective that wove her way into the story was really interesting too, I imagined her as a creepy version of Nanny McPhee.
  • The writing really was lacking, it is the first novel by Gavin and you can tell. A for effort, C for actual composition. I am sure his writing will really grow as he grows as a writer, so keep your eye on him.
  • The world-building was really lacking for me as well, this also can be from inexperience. I really wanted more of the creepy details and a lot of the time the scenes barely skimmed the surface. I hope as this series grows, the fine details will come to life.

Gavin Hetherington currently resides in the town of Gateshead in the United Kingdom. A literature fanatic of fantasy, Gavin began writing stories when he was young, mainly about witches and the supernatural.


  1. Yay thanks so much for the great review and I appreciate you reading the book. My favourite part was with the family in the woods too and believe me it isn't the last of them, the sequel will answer so many questions regarding that family. I'm glad you liked the book and that you will like the follow-up even more. I'm working on my writing and I hope to grow with each book :)

  2. Too bad the writing wasn't super, but that one family sound so creepy! I would read it for that!

  3. The family sounds really interesting, shame about the world building

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

  4. I wonder how I would feel about the format of the book but it's definitely different so it's interesting. I'm sorry it wasn't as creepy as you thought, with such a cover I would have expected that too. thanks for the discovery.

  5. i always pass by this type of book, but this actually sound interesting! thanks for sharing Missie!
    Boyanna @The Bookmaidens

  6. I love supporting new British authors so yay! Thanks for the review on this. I've seen the cover about a bit and wondered wha on earth is was about. Sounds creepy so I got it on Amazon :). Not normally my type of thing, but if it won't give me nightmares, that's ok!


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