Week Recap - Lots of Sneezing

Not much happened this week, I was sick most of the week. Left work early twice and took Friday off completely. I love that the snow is melting and that Spring is coming, but beneath that snow lies mold and new growth that freaks out my sinuses! Ugh. When I didn't have a massive headache, where I could barely open my eyes, I did great some reading done.

This Week I Read:

This Week on A Flurry of Ponderings:

Monday - Book Review of Siege and Storm
Tuesday - Top Ten Tuesday with my Top Ten Favorites in the Dystopian Genre
Wednesday - Waiting on Wednesday with Ruin & Rising and Dreams of Gods and Monsters
Thursday - Book Tour with The Wolf's Cry
Friday - Book Review of Under the Never Sky
Saturday - Book Review of Waking the Dead

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  1. Oooh! I can't wait to read your review of Amity. I got that one this week and it sounds so creepy!

  2. Sorry you were ill! You got a lot of reading done though. I've seen The Winner's Curse around a lot but haven't read any reviews of that yet so I'm curious to see what you think of it.

    ★ Under The Mountain ★

  3. Aww...I'm sorry to hear you were sick this week Missy! Hope you're feeling better!
    Anyhow, I can't wait for all of your reviews! I've heard nothing but good things about The Winner's Curse, so I'm really interested in seeing what you thought of that! But Amity sounds really creepy as well...can't wait to see what you think of that!
    Thanks for sharing and happy reading!
    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

  4. One of my cats has allergies and she's been sneezing a lot too. Amity looks really good. I've just added it to my Goodreads.

  5. I really enjoyed Under the Never Sky. The Winner's Curse was a lovely read! And The Deep End of the Sea is on my wishlist! And yay for These Broken Stars! I hope you're better, Missie. :)

  6. so many pretty books. winner's curse has such a pretty cover. I hate allergies sneezing everywhere. enjoy your new books.


  7. Aww too bad you had allergies, but it is great that you got some reading done. :) The Winner's Curse looks so good, I look forward to reading your thoughts on it! And your upcoming reviews looks really interesting too - I will be curious to read how you liked Amity in particular. It looks like something I might enjoy!

  8. the winner's curse is awesome and i loved it. did you like it? you got some great books this week. i'm intrigued by amity. happy reading :)

    hope you can stop by my StS Post.

    -michelle @ Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks

  9. I really want to read The Winner's Curse and Alice in Zombieland. Happy Reading!

    Hope you can stop by Follow the Yellow Book Road

    1. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award visit the following link to find out what to do next http://followtheyellowbookrd.blogspot.com/2014/03/liebster-award.html

  10. First of all I LOVE your blog layout, it's so cute and the colour green is really pretty :)

    Hay fever is awful isn't it? Suffering from it too at the moment :( At least you got loads of reading done and I hope they nuisance will soon disappear.

    My SS this week: http://www.pagetostagereviews.com/2014/03/sunday-post-24.html

  11. I'm sorry you were sick! Hope you're feeling better now. It's nice that you were able to get some reading done, though :)

  12. Awesome haul! I'd love to read Amity and The Winner's Curse :)

    Happy Sunday!

  13. Oh no. I hope your allergies start to cooperate. Mine don't like this time of year either. :(
    I'm reading The Winner's Curse this week. And I'm so excited to dive into it.
    I'm also intrigued by The Deep End of the Sea. I'll have to check out your review.
    Happy reading, Missie! :D

  14. I'm really curious about Alice in Zombieland!

  15. Sorry you were sick!! Hope you feel better soon! I was sick recently too - the only good thing was that I did get lots of reading in! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  16. Happy reading :) I quite enjoyed Alice in Zombieland.
    Cora @ Tea Party Princess

  17. I can't wait to hear about Alice in Zombieland. It looks like fun.

  18. Oh great! You have Amity! I want to see if that's any good...because I've got to admit, the cover's totally caught me. :)

  19. Lots of awesome books, I can't wait to read what you think of Amity! The cover is so eye catching but I haven't heard much about it. Very pretty hardback picture as well!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  20. Really amazing books. Everyone is going crazy for Amity right now!

  21. Wow! You got a lot of great books! I received AMITY last week, I can't wait to read it!

    Thanks for stopping by my STS @ Addicted Readers! :)

  22. Sorry to read you were sick, Amity is grabbing the eye of many a reader, I think ;) Have a better week and take care !

  23. Hope you feel better soon, Missie! And lots of great books this week - I've heard amazing things about Under the Never Sky. :)

  24. Ooohhh lots of great reads this week! Can't wait to get my hands on quite a few of them especially the Winners Curse and Under the Never Sky looks really good too :)

  25. Read Amity first!!! Tell me how it is! I'm nervous to start it since I have unbelievably high expectations for horror stories!!

  26. Aw, I'm sorry you are sick. It sucks being sick! Hope you are getting to read a lot, though, hih :) Lots of pretty books. <3 Happy reading :)
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog a while ago. <3
    Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

  27. I hope you feel better. I've been really under the weather this week, too. Amity does look really interesting and I've been meaning to read both Half Bad and These Broken Stars.

  28. I can't wait to see what you think of Alice in Zombieland!!


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