Top Ten Tuesday - Rewind
I love books because they transport you into different worlds, different environments and teach you different perspectives. This Top Ten Tuesday theme was Rewind, going back to a previous TTT that you haven’t done or want to do it again. I am fairly new in the book blogging world and just started TTT, so I chose to do a new-to-me topic!

Ten Inspirational Characters

Augustus from Fault in Our Stars
  • I loved Augustus, he was genuine, funny, unique and full of life, even though his health was failing. He fell in love knowing that Hazel has a terminal illness and knew that living in the moment was so much more important than looking to the future.

Liesel from The Book Thief
  • I cannot imagine how awful it had to be to live through World War 2, but Liesel loved with all her heart and stood for what she believed in. She had everything taken from her, but still continued to live life abundantly. Liesel’s passion for reading was so inspirational, she would even sneak in and steal books to continue her passion. I can relate.
Gaia from the Birthmarked series           
  • I think the biggest and hardest thing to do in life is to stand up for what you believe in alone. When Gaia found out the truth about the Enclave, she stood up against them herself and fought for her parents and sister lives. Then in the second book of the series, she has to make a huge choice on how to deal with a girl asking for an abortion and issues of humanity and mortality.
Deuce from the Razorland series (Enclave)
  • Deuce’s life changes so much from living underground to finding colonies above ground. When she is underground, she is a fierce warrior, fighting the “freaks” and providing for her town. When she is forced above ground, she struggles with the town people wanting to change who she is an conform her to the role of women in their community. Deuce stands up for herself and then leads an army to rid the states of freaks. She is passionate, determined and unwilling to let anyone tell her what she can and cannot do.
Four from Divergent
  • Four had a sucky life and a horrible father. I am sure it had to be really hard to leave your entire family to change factions. Plus, he really took on the role of training up the new recruits in the way that he believed the faction should be run, unlike Eric who is completely awful. I love the way he loved Tris, handled his relationship with his mother and the people around him.
Metias from the Legend series
  • I loved June’s brother so much, and even though we barely got to see him, he shows his true colors in the book. He is searching for the truth and it ends up getting him killed. Even after his death, the amazing life he lead had such an impact on June and those around him.
Kira from the Partials series
  • I think the most inspirational thing in Kira’s story is that she gave a Partial a chance. When everyone around you discriminates someone or something, it is hard to stand on your own and not listen to past judgment. Plus, Kira really want to help her friends and the babies, she has such a good heart.
Park’s Mom from Eleanor & Park
  • This seems like an odd one, but Park’s home was one of my favorite characters in the book. She moved so far away from home because she fell in love, got her GED and started her own business. I also loved the way she, after an initial period of unlike, changed her mind and really fell in love with Eleanor, excepting her into their family and treating her like Eleanor’s mother should have in the first place.
Luna from the Harry Potter series
  • I just loved this girl, both in the books and in the movies. She was unique, brave and knew she was special and didn’t care everyone else thought of her. She had such grace too when people made fun of her. I loved her heart.
Peeta from the Hunger Games series
  • Peeta was amazing, strong and so full of heart. He loved Katniss for who she was, stayed true to himself and followed his heart. It would be so hard to be in his shows and I really admire him.


  1. This is a great list! I totally agree about Liesel, 'The Book Thief' is my favourite book! Sadly, I've not ever read any of the others, they're on the list now!

  2. oooh what a great list-- I love these characters!! Both Peeta and Luna are two of my faves (even though I initially hated Peeta for being "wishy washy", now I've totally changed my read of him!)

    This week I did baby names from YA Lit!

  3. Cool picks. I need to read Partials :)

  4. I love this Top Ten Topic you picked! Great list!! Luna was such an awesome character in the HP books!! She was just so cute, eccentric and quirky! Kind of like me :) lol
    BookHangovers Blabs Books
    xoxox ♥

  5. Oh, I love that you have Kira on your list. I really <3 her. Luna!! I just love her too :) "Peeta was amazing, strong and so full of heart. He loved Katniss for who she was, stayed true to himself and followed his heart." YESS. I was "team" Peeta from the start and never quite understood what Katniss/readers saw in Gale. Awesome list!!

  6. Aw, I love the characters you chose for this, especially Luna and Park's mom! I just love Luna :)

    I didn't do a post for this week but was poking around your blog and just loved your list. Happy Tuesday :)

  7. Yess bring out the Metias love!!! I apparently skipped the section in the synopsis that clearly states his fate, and I about cried when it all went down!

  8. I loved Luna as well, she really was inspirational :) she didn't get angry for people treating her different and stuck true to her nature without changing herself as well.

  9. Luna is probably my favorite character in the Harry Potter books. :)

  10. You picked some GREAT characters! Some of these books I haven't read but I need to change that soon! :)

  11. Love the topic you picked! And the characters you chose! Every single one of them have some characteristics that I wish I had. Like Luna, her firm standing with regards to who she truly is and the fact that she didn't care what others thought of her - I wish I could be a bit more like her. :)

    Witless Fool @ Obsessive Compulsive Reader

  12. Great pick. Really love this topic and the characters are all great. My favourite is definitely Luna though, I love that girl. Nice list :) My TTT.

  13. Yes to Liesel and Peeta! Love them both!

  14. Peeta is such a champ! :) Actually, I love everyone in your list.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    ~ Cate,

  15. Luna is one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series. :)

  16. Great list -- you listed some unsung hero/heroines in novels. I liked the Luna pick!

    Joey via. another afterthought
    My TTT: Rewind This Week

  17. Great list and I picked the same topic by the way! I really need to read The Book Thief, and haven't read any of the other books (though I just started Divergent).

  18. Metias is a great character. Would have been nice to have a little more on him.

  19. I really like this post. Definitely agree with Liesel, Luna and Peeta.

  20. I SO love this list! Particularly Park's mum! That's one I would never think to put on a list...but you're so right. She was a really strong woman, plus she was really nice. I mean, initially she didn't like Eleanor, but I don't think Eleanor was leaving herself very open to be liked. -_- Also: PEETA. And that is all. My TTT!

  21. YES!
    I practically fangirled over Metias for the whole of Legend and was heartbroken about his fate.

    Great List!

  22. Great list! I like the topic you picked. These are some really inspirational characters.

  23. Great choice for your rewind topic, I loved your list :-D

  24. YES! This is awesome.
    I totally agree with Augustus, Liesel, Luna & Peeta. Augustus was so brave and just lived in the moment. I adored how Liesel knew what was right and wrong at such a young age. She was just amazing. I love Luna for just being herself. She's so unique and quirky, and very interesting. And Peeta. Oh, Peeta <3 He was so strong after everything he'd been though.
    Great list! :D

  25. I love this list (probably because I have read most of them and know exactly what you're talking about)! Augustus is probably my favorite though :)

  26. I have a bit of a soft spot for Luna, too!

  27. Awesome list and I love so many books on it, too! And yes for Kira she's one that's not often mentioned but I adored her! <3 And OMG yes, Luna is so weird but so awesome as a character! I loved her as well!

  28. Aw Luna and Peeta. They are some of my favorite characters as well!

  29. Awesome, awesome list!
    I agree with all of these(except the two books I've yet to read).
    And I'm going to do some fangirling now. Birthmarked!! YAY!!! Not enough people have read this wonderful trilogy. I'm so happy to come across someone else who has. :)

  30. Great choices! Especially the Book Thief.. love that one so much and just so inspirational. I should've picked this as my topic this week.


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