The Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant

Merchant arrives at Cania Christy, a boarding school for the world’s wealthiest teens, the hushed truths of this strange, unfamiliar land begin calling to her—sometimes as lulling drumbeats in the night, sometimes as piercing shrieks.

One by one, unanswered questions rise. No one will tell her why a line is painted across the island or why she is forbidden to cross it. Her every move—even her performance at the school dance—is graded as part of a competition to become valedictorian, a title that brings rewards no one will talk about. And Anne discovers that the parents of her peers surrender million-dollar possessions to enroll their kids in Cania Christy, leaving her to wonder what her lowly funeral director father could have paid to get her in… and why.

As a beautiful senior struggles to help Anne make sense of this cloak-and-dagger world without breaking the rules that bind him, she must summon the courage to face the impossible truth—and change it—before she and everyone she loves is destroyed by it.
The Unseemly Education of Anne Merchant by Joanna Wiebe was really interesting, lots of mystery and twists and turns
  • I enjoyed the MCs history, the relationship with her father, the daughter of a mortician, her mother's mental breakdown. Good stuff (well, not for Anne, but for the book).
  • The story was written well and kept a good pace, I could barely put the book down for the second half.
  • Lots of twists and turn, I didn't see the ending coming and didn't connect everything together beforehand, I always appreciate a book that keeps me on my toes.
  • The side characters were interesting, especially when you thought of them in context to the ending of the story. How would you act, what would you do?

  • Calling the contest the Big V was just ridiculous. Seriously, it sounds like all these kids are trying to lose their virginity or something. Not the best choice of words.
  • Ben, very nice guy, entertaining character but seriously, stop being so bi-polar and just help Anne figure out the truth. I understand she needs to do it on her own, but the whole dynamic was weird.


  1. The Big V does sound like they are trying to lose their virginity ha.. interesting. I heard the first half of the book is difficult but it pays off in the end! Great review, I am curious.

  2. I DNFed this one pretty early on it was just a bit too out there for me if you know what I mean. When I quit it was just after she found out what her thingy would be. And yeah "Big V" was a bad call lol. I was told the 2nd part is much better and that the twists were worth it but dunno. Not sure if I'll give it another go or not yet. You do seem to have liked it!

  3. I didn't pay this book much attention, but it seems like there's a growing number of readers who really liked it. You're definitely not the first to say it has a few issues - the Big V does sound pretty ridiculous - but maybe the good parts outweigh the bad!

    Thanks for stopping by The Hiding Spot! :)

  4. Hi Missie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry it took me so long to respond but I only just got my Internet back.

    Calling a contest the Big V does sound ridiculous. I'd constantly be snickering if that's how someone referred to it around me.

  5. Daughter of a mortician?! *shudders* I read that sort of dynamic in I Am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells, and it was half interesting but mostly just freaked me out. ;) This sounds really good! Although the "V Game" sounds totally tasteless. >_<

  6. Lol! Yes! I felt the same about 'The Big V!' - I think everyone did! That said, I enjoyed this one for the most part. It wasn't perfect, but I liked that it was different from the YA norm and the end left me with some questions I want answered so I will read the next book.

  7. Not a huge fan of YA, but this sounds interesting. Great review!

  8. Good review. But the Big V though? Seriously? lol

  9. I have this one on my Kindle, but just haven't been able to get to it. I love a book that keeps the reader on her toes, too, but, yeah the Big V. That's horrible. Lol. Great review!

  10. I've been seeing this book around a lot lately and really want to read it! I did have to chuckle at the Big V, though. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  11. Okay, I was seriously laughing when I read that the competition's name was the Big V. It kind of takes away the tension of the book, I suppose. I'll definitely keep my eyes out for this one. :D


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