Week Recap

This week was pretty uneventful, we spent the first part of the week stuck inside because of the -40 degree wind chills. It was pretty awful. But today it is supposed to be in the 30s which is awesome!

We had book club this week and after wine and lots of laughs, we picked our book for the month - This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. I am excited to get into in, but I have some time before our next book club on Feb. 12th and I have a couple plane rides to spend time reading.

Last night a couple friends and I went out for Girls Night. We tried out a new resturant in Fargo called The Vinyl Taco. It was a fun atmosphere including a golden bison. We had strong, tasty margaritas and awesome chips and salsa. The only downfall is that the tacos were all so spicy you could not even the other ingredients. There was shrimp, corn, guacamole and other amazing fresh ingredients, but the overly spiced sauces overpowered the food. I love spicy, but not when that is the only thing I taste!

I also, once again, added a ton of book to my to read list - it has gotten a bit out of hand. I have over 400 on the list right now. 

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  1. My to-read list on Goodreads is HUGE. Gosh, I think there's more then my read list (but that's not hard ;). There's just too many books in the world that beg to be read!! I hope you stay warm in all that snow...*shivers* I've never even seen snow, so I can't imagine!


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