Top Ten Worlds I'd Never Want To Live In

This was a super fun Top Ten Tuesday, since I read a lot of dystopian, post-apocalypse books, it wasn't really hard to make a list of places I would not want to live. What do you think? Do you agree with me or what places would you choose?

  1. By far, the top place I would never want to live is in the Districts of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I think the Capital City would be pretty cool, but I would have a really hard time not fighting against the government and the Hunger Games tradition.
  2. I am current reading book 2 in the Birthmarked series by Caragh M O’Brien, so there would be two places I would not want to live, the first being Enclave.
  3. The second from the Birthmarked series, Prized would be Sylum, I am early on in the book, but being required to produce at least 10 babies and cannot leave the town or they will die for some mysterious reason. I am judging this town early because I just started, but it doesn't sound appealing to me!
  4. I would not want to live anywhere in the US after the Calamity in Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, being ruled by villains that turn everything into steel or kill whenever they fill like it does not sound like a great environment.
  5. The underground villages in Enclave by Ann Aguirre sounded awful. No daylight, having to eat mushroom (hate mushrooms) and barely living past 20, those conditions are awful. Plus dealing with the freaks and having assigned duties is far to constricting. I think I would have tried to go topside quickly.
  6. Being part of the caste system in The Selection series by Kiera Cass would suck too, it seems to bring home the truths of our world that there are so many people in the “top” caste that have more and enough and the poor people in the bottom that have nothing. I know that this is every day in our current world, but choosing to live in the caste system in The Selection would be really hard too.
  7. The horrible living arrangement in The Farm by Emily McKay would be awful. Essential the teens were being fed and fattened up for the vampire/zombie creatures that have taken over the US. The main characters were living on a college campus that was surrounded by a large wall and had no access to anyone outside the campus.
  8. Living in the circular system in Wool by Hugh Howey would be awful. I didn't make it all the way through this series because it was slow and I lost interest, but the first book has these two who have to journey down the metal stairs to visit all the floors. It is all inside because outside is infected somehow and everyone lives in this hive like situation. If you have any words against the establishment your punishment is to be put outside to clean the windows and eventually die.
  9. Living in a world without love with be really hard, so I would not want to live in The Delirium series by Lauren Oliver. It would be so hard to not even hug each other or actually, after the procedure, feel love. Can you imagine parents not loving their children?
  10. The final world I would not live in is in World War Z by Max Brooks. As much as I love zombie movies, books, TV shows, ect, I would not want to have to survive a worldwide zombie attack. One of the “interviews” in the book is a family who goes north, once they finally run out of food the people start eating other people (and they aren’t zombies)! Eek, not fun!


  1. Why did not add zombies to my list! I feel like maybe I could try to survive in any other terrible place, but I am not confident in my ability to survive a zombie apocalypse. I need to go back to the Prized series. I really enjoyed the first one. The Selection is on my list too, but my teen readers are really into it now, so I have to wait my turn. I missed The Farm. It sounds horrifying. I just ordered it for my collection! Thanks for sharing!~Megan

  2. I would say great picks but I can't because I wouldn't want to live in those worlds either.
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    Doris @ OABR

  3. I haven't read many dystopia novels yet, though there are lots that I want to get too. I agree with the world of the Hunger Games though. I would NEVER want to live there. Even in the capital, where you get all sorts of nice things, you're kind of a horrible no thanks.


  4. This is a fun list! I'd have to agree with Hunger Games being pretty terrible, especially the games itself. Thankfully, if the world is ever infected by the zombies detailed by Max Brooks, I have this awesome survival guide :)

  5. #4 why not? Don't you wanna be a part of the Reconers? (or maybe have some awesome superpower yourself, and you'll be like the one epic that finds the way to use the power for good) I totally would! :)
    #9 i agree - a world without love is horrifying!

  6. Oh yes, I agree with Hunger Games and Delirium! The world in Enclave sounds really bad too, I'm not a mushroom fan either :D I saw World War Z the movie, but haven't read the book yet, but I definitely wouldn't want to live in zombie world! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. I haven't read a lot of thosebooks, but the Enclave sounds terrible. Actually i've added it to my list to read (how weird that it sounds awful but now I want to read it!) and of course World War Z. Ahhh.


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