Steelheart quoteables

Steelheart had so many amazing quotes that I had to share a few. Brandon Sanderson did an amazing job in-sighting moral into the story, as well as writing hints into the story line that lead to the ending. Here are three of my favorites:


  1. I found David very funny, so most of my highlight/quotes were from the goofy things he says and non of the deep stuff. I should use my highlights more wise next time around! :)
    @ The Bookmaidens

    1. That is so true, I was belly laughing at this metaphors!

    2. yes, his metaphors were the worst! :)

  2. I haven't read this book yet, but I really love these quotes!

    Baileys @ Unladylike Reviews

  3. Steelheart!!! Loved that book so much <333
    Epic quote picks, Missie!


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