Steelheart - an Epic Novel

 I just finished reading Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson last night. I had read quite a few good reviews from fellow bloggers and on Goodreads, so I thought I would give it a shot. I know it sounds odd, but it seems like I read a lot more books with female authors, so I thought I would really enjoy reading from a male author. Diversity - even though the genre was my typical post-apocalypse, dystopian novel, I could at least now say that I read one from a male this time.

Steelheart's main character is David. He is living in a world that is dominated by Epics (hence the pun in the blog title). Regular men and women woke up one morning with superpowers and no one is really sure where they came from. The bad part is that instead of becoming superheros, they became villains.

The Epic's fought each other for control of cities and its citizens. David and his father run into the main Epic in Newcago, Steelheart and David witnesses something indescribable - he sees Steelheart bleed. Steelheart destroys everything close to David and he is left orphaned and full of hate for Steelheart, seeking revenge. David meets up with the Reckoners, who's main mission to to kill Epics. David shares with them his immense knowledge of Epics and together they work on a plan to take down Epics.

The book was really well written, I enjoyed that it wasn't too sappy. There wasn't an immediate love story, although there was some romantic intentions in the book, it definitely did not take over the story line.

There was also some mystery to the book that I really enjoyed. Normally you can figure out the ending pretty quickly and books tend to be predictable. I enjoyed that I was surprised at the end of the book, I knew that something was going on, but I did not guess the that plot change.
This it the first book in the Reckoners series and I am excited to read the rest of the series. The story has so many places it can go and so many answers to fill. I think Brandon did a great job with this book and I am excited for more!

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  1. Oooh this sounds intense. I have to admit that I have been seeing the cover around and know of so many people who loved it but I never knew what it was about. After reading your review I think I definitely need to add it to my TBR! Great review, thanks for sharing!

  2. I rarely (or never?) read a book by male author too now that you've mentioned it... but this sounds really cool! I think I would add this one to my TBR list. Great review!

    btw, I just want to tell you that nominated you for Liebster Award, feel free to check it out -->

  3. I have to agree, this one was great! I definitely agree that it wasn't too sappy (which I also loved) and the ending was unbelievable. I am totally expecting this book to become a movie someday. Great review!

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  4. I totally did not see Firefly coming! did you?
    I like to read male author once in a while because they did not concentrate on the romance too much (hence the not sappy part).
    Great Review
    @ The Bookmaidens

    1. I agree - I did not see Firefly! It was nice to have a twist I didn't see coming!

    2. Yeah, that's why i liked this one. and i still don't trust the professor, i think hill make trouble in the next books. :)


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