My Favorite Series

Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling
This one is probably on most reader’s lists, it spans the generations and who doesn't love some magical fun. I didn't start the series until I was in college and fell in love with it. I have read the series multiple times and probably will forever. I love the movies too and thought they did a really good job with the staying true to the books and bringing to life the wizarding world. It is my goal to get to Hogwarts soon – I have wanted to go since the part was rumored, so a REALLY long time.

Divergent Series by Veronica Roth
I have to say that I love Divergent so much, Hunger Games brought me into the dystopian genre, but Divergent really started my obsession. I really liked Tris and the whole environment they live in. Veronica Roth did such a great job bringing the post apocalypse world to life. I loved the factions and have imagined numerous times what it would be like to put myself in Tris’s shoes and choose a faction. I agree with her that it would be really hard to be in abnegation. This series, Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant finished in 2013. I was fairly happy with the way it ended, so that helps give closure.

Legend Series by Marie Lu
I loved the Legend series, I love the way Day and June met and their tepid love story. I also really liked how both June and Day changed as they learned the truth about the environment around them. I really liked Anden and almost wish this book could have two story lines, because it would have been fun to see June with Anden and what they would have accomplished. The ending on this book is great too, much different than I expected, but good closure and I am fine with the ending (unlike the ending of Lost). This series also finished in 2013, with Legend, Prodigy and Champion

Razorland Series by Ann Aguirre
The Razorland series was so interesting and inventive. It is also in the post apocalypse genre, but it shows multiple sides of how society reinvented themselves. The first book, Enclave, the citizens lived underground. They had short life spans and barely any supplies. They believed that topside was toxic and unlivable. Then in Outpost we see that there are societies functioning topside, it is almost like they have reverted back to pioneer days. Then in Horde we see that the communities cannot survivor alone, they all had one main enemy and it takes everyone’s knowledge and skills to bring down the enemy – and also to see them from a new viewpoint.

The Selection by Kiera Cass
This series finishes up in 2014 and I am super excited. It is like a dystopian Bachelor. Society has now split into a caste system that is ruled by a kingdom. Each caste system has specific tasks (kind of like the districts in Hunger Games) and it is hard, if not impossible to move between the castes. The prince needs to get married and they open up a selection from members of all the castes. The girls get to learn how to be a princess, get pretty dresses and are televised as they “date” the prince. America, the main character, is torn because she likes the prince but she also has a love from a caste lower than her. Her choices really are to marry lower and essentially live on less than the minimal amount she has now, or marry the prince and live in the palace. I am really excited to see how Kierra ends the series. The first book The Selection and the second The Elite are out now, the final book coming out in 2014

Lunar Series by Marissa Meyer
I was just recently introduced to this series and devoured both Cinder and Scarlet in a couple days. Cinder is a “re-telling” of the Cinderella story, except that Cinder is a cyborg with a unknown past. She meets the prince when he brings is android into get fixed. Cinder gets pulled into a messy situation when it is discovered that she is immune from the plague. Then in the second book, Cinder meets Scarlet. Scarlet is a “re-telling” of little red riding hood. Scarlet comes home one day to find that her grandmother has been kidnapped and she meets up with Wolf in effort to find out where her grandmother is. The third book comes out the first week of February, Cress. Cress is the “re-telling” of Rapunzel. I am so excited, so many ARC reviews have been amazing and I am ecstatic that it is coming out while I am on vacation and have lots of time to read while my nephews are napping. Marissa has released the name of the fourth book, Winter which will be out next year 2015.

Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger
This series has to be my newest favorite. I have only read the first book, Etiquette & Espionage but it is so amazing! So funny, witty and ingenious; I really wish that I had the idea first because it is so awesome. See my review on it, you can tell I am really passionate. I am going to start reading the second book, Curtsies & Conspiracies soon and the third book Waistcoats & Weaponry is due out sometime this year. This series is so fun and it is hard not to love the cast of crazy characters and the whole steampunk era.

Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi
This is a really interesting series, and I have to admit that it took the second book to like the main character more. Juliette’s power is really interesting and so is how it works on certain people. The first book annoyed me at first, the way Juliette spoke to herself, but it really grew on me. The second book, Unravel Me is neat with Omega Point. I also liked the twist with Warner’s attitude and personality. It is kinda “love triangle-ish” but not super horrible, at least it has a new twist. The third book Ignite Me comes out this year as well, I sure have a lot of reading to do.

Partials Series by Dan Wells
I loved this series so much, very unique in the dystopian genre. It is so possible that the United States could ruin themselves by creating a weapon that will turn on themselves. It is even more interesting that the weapon is almost like a cyborg and can have emotions, lucid thoughts and can age. I loved Kira and her strong will. I also really like Marcus and am interested to see how Dan Wells will end the series. The first book is Partials, the second Fragments and the third, due out 2014, Ruins. The third book is really the ultimate war to decide the fates of humans and partials.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver
This series finished in 2013, so if you like to wait until the series is complete before starting, now is the time. Lena is born in a world where love is outlawed. Citizens go through procedures at age 16 to rid them of the ability to love, because the government has decided that love is the root of all evil. Boys are girls are generally segregated a bit, especially when their hormones start flowing. But Lena meets Alex and learns that love is not as horrible as the government has made it out to be. She then needs to decide if she wants to listen to the government or go outside of the law and live in a world where she can choose what she believes and who she wants to love. It was an interesting book, I can’t say I am 100% happy with the ending, but it still wasn't as horrible as Lost and possibly left you to decide on your own.
 What are you favorite series? What series do you think I would like? I would love to know!


  1. Razorland and Partials series are my favorite also. I enjoyed Legend (i love Day) but June never grew on me, and the ending was bit watered down for my taste, but not bad. Not as bad as Delirium series. I think Lauren Oliver writing is gorgeous but the love she portrayed in the first book she never do it justice in the next two, and it disappointed me a lot and ruined my impression of the series.
    (this is one helluva long comment - sorry)

    1. Now that you say that about Delirum, I do totally agree! I was really hoping that Fox would have picked up the series because I would have been really interesting to see it played out by actors!

  2. Who doesn't love Harry Potter?! If I didn't have a TBR list several miles long, I would probably re-read those right now :)


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