Book postpartum

Do you ever get so attached to a book that you feel like you are going to go into an emotional spiral when you finish? Sometimes I do, it is ridiculous I know, but sometimes it is like my life stops and I have devastated at the end of the book. I like go into postpartum depression, hide under the covers, don’t talk to me for the rest of the day depression. I’ll have to admit, I probably am way too emo about the whole thing, but that means it was a really good book.

I also get so angry when the main characters don’t go the direction they want them to, I always like the underdog guy more and the girl’s always go for the bad guy. Or sometimes I like the bad guy more and the girl goes for the other guy. Let me explain further.

Let’s talk about Hunger Games first. This is one of those books I read in one night and was broken when I was done. I wanted MORE and RIGHT NOW (patience is not my best suit).
I love Peeta. I have loved his character the whole time and my biggest frustration about the book is that Katniss does not fall in love with Peeta too. I know that she was affection for Peeta, needs Peeta, but she is not romantically in love with him. I have never been in the position where I torn between two guys, so I am maybe not the best person to judge. Peeta has loved her from afar forever, never judged her for her faults and is like a white knight. Gale has always been there, he is the best friend and the affection has grown from the close relationship. Gale is safe. I just always wanted Katniss to love Peeta. There is nothing wrong with Gale, he is a great best friend, but Peeta’s character has drawn me in more.

Now The Selection:
Same situation, I know that America has been with Aspen for a while and it is all good, but I think that I really want her to pick Prince Maxon. Aspen seems like a great guy, but Maxon has something. I think most people might be on the same page with me, but I wanted to be physically violent with the book at time. I wanted to throw it against the wall in The Elite when she went back and forth so much. The best part of Maxon is that he really like’s America for who she is, not saying that isn’t true of Aspen, but it is rare that someone in the palace can marry for love over politics (see now I am acting like this is real life).

And Defy
I am almost done with this book – mild spoiler alert (although it is pretty obvious from the beginning) that the prince knows that Alexa is a girl and has feelings for her. But so does Rylan, a man who she has trained with a befriended for years. She is torn between the two, but goes toward the Prince. The Prince hasn't been honest, has tricked Alexa, but she is still moving towards him (and his pretty eyes). Rylan has been 99.9% honest with her and has loved her from afar. I know that I seem contradictory when I say that America should be with the prince and Alexa should be with Rylan, but these are the crazy thoughts that go through my head.

I am totally cool with Tris and Four, so much so I would fall asleep at night dreaming about them. I loved their story line, loved the past and the history that they shared, as well as both working to save each other. The thing I didn't like is how by the third book it seems like Four has changed so much. It could be because Allegiant is the only book written from Four’s perspective, but he just seems weaker than he was in the other books. I know a lot has changed and he is discovering new things, but he was not nearly as pessimistic in the first two books.

OK, I could go on forever and I am not really sure where I was going with this post in the first place. You now have a first hand look into my mind – a little distracted and attention-deficit disorderly, but its me.


  1. Glad to know I am not alone. The end of a good book is very depressing.

  2. Glad to know I am not alone. The end of a good book is very depressing.


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