Week Recap

This week went so quickly. I can barely believe that next week is Christmas - I only had a few presents before this Monday, so I was shopping all week. We had our Christmas gathering at work, going to the Longhorn for a lunch feast and then a present exchange. Plus some amazing presents from my co-workers, I came home with gift cards to Caribou, Starbucks, Panera, Happy Harry's, foaming hand soap and a candle -felt pretty loved.

We are celebrating Christmas with my in-laws and opened gifts this morning. My in-laws got me a pair of boarding snow pants, a sweater and a scarf. My husband spoiled me with new diamond earrings and a sweatshirt from our favorite restaurant JL Beers. I kept the other presents to open on Christmas so we can make our holiday last for a while.

We took the in-laws a hibachi grill for the first time. They loved it! Sometimes we have to force them out of their comfort zone but it was worth it

I added quite a few books to my reading list this week, lots from new bloggers I started following and Entertainment Weekly, check them out: