The ending of Razorland

I finished Horde by Ann Aguirre the other night, staying up late because I had to finish it. There was a "postcard" on Pinterest that explains my late night reading:

But anywho, the final book in the Razorland series was definitely the best. Although I am not too keen on all the battles, it was by far the most interesting. I loved getting to know the other members of Solider's Pond and seeing Deuce really come into who she was.

In Horde, Deuce decides that she needs to fight the Freaks to save mankind. They are getting smarter, evolving. She raises a group of soldiers who are willing to sacrifice themselves to fight to Horde. Deuce and the men who agree to fight with her travel from community to community gathering men and learning more about the Horde.

It was really interesting to read more about each town and how they were interacting with the Horde. She gained more information on how the Horde worked, as well as, their history and how they were evolving.

I actually really liked the ending, spoiler alert, it was fairly happy and poetic. Most of the dystopian fiction I have read lately have ended incomplete or with main characters dying. It was nice to end a series on a happier note, almost like an add post-apocalyptic fairy tale.

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