The Desolation of Smaug

On Christmas Eve my hubby and I went on a little holiday date. It just happened to be a blizzard, so not the best time to adventure out, but luckily by the time we got out of the theater, 3 hours later, it was no longer snowing.

We went to see The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug. I haven't read the book (eek! I know I shouldn't admit this when I review books all the time) but my husband is an avid fan and I always love a good movie.

The movie started off where the first one left off. I still think it is ridiculous that they stretched it out to three movies, but that is for another time. This movie, as the first, had great special effects. I I loved the scene where they were floating in barrels, but my husband informed me that this is not a big fight scene in the book. I laughed quite a bit when one of the characters was rolling over and bouncing in the barrel, killing Orcs on his way. I was the only one laughing in the theater, so I must have an odd sense of humor.

Adding Legolas, Tauriel and the elves did seem out of place with the story. When Legolas and Tauriel follow the dwarfs it seemed odd. The fight with the Orcs had nothing to do with the Elves, so I didn't understand why they were there. I even asked my husband if that was in the book because it seemed so odd.

The best part of the movie was Smaug, the animation was amazing. He looked so real, down to the smallest scale. His small movements were so well done, I was really impressed.

The movie was pretty good, but I am glad that I we only paid $5 to see it with a Tuesday special at the movie theater. Although, I am sure we will go to the third movie in the theater since we have seen the first two. I might actually pick up the book and read it, it would be nice to put the whole story together since I am hanging in suspense until next year.

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