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I finished Outpost by Ann Aguirre quickly, pretty much in one day as we drove home from Garrison, ND. My husband and I were in an accident on the way out to my husband’s parents’ house, we were hit by a semi who drifted into our lane. I had a lot of anxiety on the way home, not wanting to look at the road or the semis we passed, so I kept my face buried in my ipad, reading.

At this point, Deuce, Stalker, Fade and Tegan are all living together with a settlement called Salvation. They were a group of people who came together and “recreated” a settlement quite like the old pioneers. They lived behind a large wall that kept them safe, guards watching the wall at all time and guarding it with firepower.

Deuce is having a really hard time  adjusting to the new societies roles for women. In the Enclave there were no real gender roles, both males and females took the roles as Hunters, Breeders and Builders. In the Outpost the traditional gender roles still continue, women are to stay home, cook and clean; men protect the city and do the heavy lifting. Many of the townsfolk do not adapt quickly to Deuce wanting to continue her role as a fighter and she has to work to prove that she is strong enough to protect the city.

Outpost started out slowly. I didn't really understand why Fade just stopped hanging out with Deuce. I realize that she was hanging out with Stalker more, but the personality of Fade throughout Enclave seemed to disappear in Outpost. He was no longer strong and seemed overly timid when it came to Deuce. Deuce in turn did not approach him until a bit later in the book. I realize that they are barely teenagers, but they were trained to be fighters. I guess I would have liked them to have stronger personalities.

The ‘freaks” or “muties” are still very prevalent in the 2nd book (and 3rd – I started that right away too). They are changing and getting smarter, making them harder to fight and more of a mystery of where they came from. I am hoping she continues to tell us more about the origins of the freaks in the third book.

Make sure that you have all three books with you when you start the first one, they end abruptly and you will want to go right in to the next one. I should have the final book finished soon so I can give a review of the whole series.

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