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Last night I finished Enclave by Ann Aquirre. It was a really interesting book, in fact I contemplating staying up really late and starting the second book in the series Outpost.

Enclave's main character is Deuce. She has grown up in the College Enclave, who all live in the subway tunnels below New York City. The Enclave was split into three jobs as the brats (the children) become adults; they were Breeders, Hunters and Builders. Deuce's job was a huntress.

Deuce starts to work as a huntress with Fade, a boy who came from the Topside. Deuce was taught that the Topside was unlivable. Fade and Deuce end up becoming friends and then when through a series of events, both Fade and Deuce end up being expelled from the underground and force to go Topside.

The book was interesting, but I was really astonished how quickly the story of the Enclave ended once Deuce was forced Topside. The dynamics of life in the tunnels was really interesting and could have been expounded a lot further. In fact, there isn't a whole lot of information on the pre-story of how the humans were forced to live underground and what happened Topside. I barely pieced together that there was some sort of plague that caused mass sickness among the people. There are also "freaks" in the book which seem to take on the characteristics of zombies and the sickness could have caused humans to turn into the freaks. I am assuming the second book will go more into the story.

I am definitely interested in continuing with the series. The first book Enclave focused on the first group of people Deuce was born into, now she has found a new set of people and more answers to her questions, in Outpost. The third book in the series is titled Horde. The series is called the Razorland trilogy.

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