Cinder - epic fairly tale read

I just finished reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I seriously LOVED it. I stayed up late last night, work up in the middle of the night, early again in the morning and finished it now, right before lunch. 

I actually started this book a few months ago and didn't get past the first few pages, just not in the mood. I read a few reviews and decided to get back into it again.

Cinder is a modern Cinderella story. Cinder is a cyborg who is held be her legal guardian and two step sisters. The prince of New Beijing hears about her mechanical work and brings his android in to be fixed. 

The world has changed a bit after World War IV and there is now a colonization living on the Moon. There is also a plague going through the earthen human race.

Cinder quickly finds herself in the hands of the palace and right in the middle of the quest to find the cure. She also finds out there is a lot more to her history, even more than the small part she can actually remember. She also find runs into the prince again and gets a personal invite to be his date at the ball, an invite she has a million reasons to deny. Cinder is in the middle of worldwide conflict and has to take steps of faith. 

I was really sad when the book ended, but happy that I waited long enough to start the Lunar Chronicles series that the second book in the series is already out. Scarlet is the second book and it brings in a new character, Little Red Riding book. I love the new fairy tale twist. I should actually stop writing this blog entry and get reading! 

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  1. Nice blog here, I like the name :D
    Cinder is definitely one of my favorite reads in 2013. I love fairytale retellings and Marissa Meyer's ability to link up several fairytales in one book is quite amazing. I hope you love Scarlet too!


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